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ARTIFICIAL SATELLITES, Journal of Planetary Geodesy


General. ARTIFICIAL SATELLITES is a journal of space research, affiliated to the Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences. It offers a forum for scientific publications on such aspects of geodesy, geodynamics, space physics and space engineering as positioning, satellite geodesy, gravity field, geoid and heights, tides, reference frames, Earth rotation, physics of ionosphere and troposphere, near Earth space environment, Solar physics, physics of the heliosphere, photogrammetry, remote sensing and aerospace engineering. We accept original papers of fundamental nature, i.e. concerning new ideas, theories and processing means, as well as those dealing with new applications of the existing methods and technologies. Submitted manuscripts should be written in English (British or American but not a mixture of them); correct spelling and good sentence structure is the responsibility of the author.

Reviewing process. Each paper undergoes a review procedure prior its publication and it is reviewed by two reviewers who are experts appointed by the Managing Editor or the Subject Editors. The accepted article should be corrected by the author(s) taking into account the remarks or suggestions of both the reviewers. If these remarks or suggestions were not considered the author(s) should explain why they have been disregarded. The reviewers should send the review to the Editorial Office not later than one month after receiving the paper. The reviewing remarks can be also introduced into the paper in the form, which makes possible to recognize them.

The Checklist.doc / Checklist.pdf for the reviewer will help the editor in the evaluation of the material submitted for publication.